Mexican Weeping Bamboo

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Mexican Weeping Bamboo

Otatea acuminata

Mexican Weeping BambooMexican Weeping Bamboo is a part of the Otatea genus. It is native to Mexico, and a mature plant will produce arching culms, hence the name Mexican Weeping. It produces a large amount of leaves, and often hides the culms of the plant completely. The culms are very narrow and are commonly used to make baskets and furniture. It is a clumping bamboo and will stay confined a small area.

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English Name: Mexican Weeping Bamboo
Max Height: 20' (6 m)
Max Diameter: 1.5" (4 cm)
Minimum Temp: 22°F (-6°C)
Light Exposure: Full sun
Rhizome System: Clumping

Container Size Price
1 Gallon N/A
5 Gallon $40.00
15 Gallon $85.00

Mexican Weeping Bamboo Plant