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Bamboo Poles

Jungle Supply Company is a top supplier of bamboo poles in Sacramento, CA. We carry a wide selection of both construction grade and decorative bamboo poles. The majority of our inventory was grown here in California. Many of our poles are grown on site, giving us the ability to offer very low prices. We carry poles from the following bamboo species:

Tre Gai Bamboo Poles - Bambusa Stenostachya

Tre Gai Bamboo hails from Vietnam. Our Tre Gai poles are pressure treated and have a high level of structural integrity. This species of bamboo is ideal for construction projects and is widely used throughout Asia. Call us if you have any questions (916) 663-9721.

Tre Gai Bamboo Poles

Tre Gai Bamboo CulmTre Gai Bamboo Picture

Tre Gai Prices
Diameter Price Per Foot
2" $2.00
3" $2.50
4" $3.00

Japanese Timber and Moso Poles - Phyllostachys Genus

Jungle Supply Company grows some of the largest Japanese Timber and Moso Bamboo in the United States. Both species are members of the Phyllostachys genus of bamboo. It is a beautiful bamboo to work with and is useful in both decorative and construction applications. All of our Japanese Timber poles are California grow and of the highest quality available. We carry both dried and green poles.

Japanese Timber Bamboo Poles

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Japanese/Moso Prices
Diameter Price Per Foot
1" $0.20
2" $0.75
3" $1.50
4" $2.20
5" $2.50

Black Bamboo Poles - Phyllostachys nigra

Black bamboo is one of the most popular varieties of bamboo for its natural beauty. The poles of Black bamboo can be used for a wide range of decrotive and artistic projects. All of our black bamboo is grown here in California.

Japanese Timber Bamboo Poles

Black Bamboo Prices
Diameter Price Per Foot
1" $0.50

Tom Vang Bamboo Poles

Tom Vang Bamboo poles are imported from Vietnam. This is some of the thickest bamboo known to man. The culm walls are practially solid in some parts. Pricing on Tom Vang varies, call us for an estimate at (916) 663-9721.